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Thursday, February 28


Time to register for the three full-day workshops

Thursday February 28, 2019 8:30am - 9:00am
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Applied Exploratory Testing
Learn to think like an Exploratory Tester! Open up lines of enquiry you never thought existed and generate useful ideas to become a more productive member of a team. Applied Exploratory Testing is a practical workshop that aims to draw out the very best of your thinking and questioning powers.
Exploring, thinking, critiquing, modelling and questioning in any context is not as easy as it might seem. Learn to explore systems using a wide range of techniques, tools and ideas to ensure the quality of your product throughout its development.

This course is for all team members, and can be completed individually or as part of a group. The program aims to make you a better thinker all round – so you don’t need to be a tester or a QA or any given named role because we believe everyone in a project team can contribute to the quality of the products they are building. Regardless of the software lifecycle model and your role you will take home a set of skills that you can use in multiple contexts.

Learning Outcomes
This practical workshop gives attendees the fundamentals of how to plan and structure an effective and efficient approach to Exploratory Testing. They will understand the important factors to be considered in the planning of Exploratory Testing and the key techniques and tools that can be used. They will be able to apply these tools and techniques as soon as they return to work.

  • Introduction – what is Exploratory Testing?
  • Preparation and Planning
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Tools – Models. Mnemonics, Tours, Heuristics and Checklists
  • Tracking – Test Charters, Session-Based and Thread-Based Management
  • Using tools to assist with Exploratory Testing
  • Generating and reporting meaningful results

avatar for Toby Thompson

Toby Thompson

Senior Knowledge Engineer, SoftEd
Toby is a a Senior Knowledge Engineer (specializing in Testing and Agility) at SoftEd, with 20 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology.His numerous roles include: Business Owner, Managing Director, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Test Consultant, Mentor, Coach and Trainer.His key areas of specialisation are in Software Testing and the ‘Agile... Read More →

Thursday February 28, 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm
Rooms 3 & 4 The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Leveraging the Power of API Testing
Are you suffering from outdated UI automation tests that slow down the development process, frequently fail for no apparent reason and take longer to create/update than the code that they are testing? Is your workplace breaking down their large monolith systems into smaller microservices and looking to discover how each system can be tested independently? Are you looking to improve your automation knowledge and attempting to keep relevant in a rapidly evolving field?
This workshop will introduce you to new tools and techniques and teach you to break down large, flaky UI tests into quick and simple API tests. We will cover the basics of APIs, manually testing APIs and Automating API tests.

You will be given practical hands-on experience and will leave with an example automation framework that you can use as the seed to completely change the way your organisation does automation testing forever.

avatar for Scott Miles

Scott Miles

Principal Quality Analyst, MYOB
Scott Miles is an international speaker, published writer, workshop instructor and and testing enthusiast. He is a prominent member in the Melbourne testing community where he organises the local meetup group Test Engineering Alliance of Melbourne, the collaboration workshop Quality... Read More →

Thursday February 28, 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm
Room 6 The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Morning tea
Thursday February 28, 2019 10:15am - 10:30am
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Thursday February 28, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Afternoon tea
Thursday February 28, 2019 2:30pm - 2:45pm
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Friday, March 1


Registration for conference day

Friday March 1, 2019 8:00am - 8:30am
Function Hall The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


TiCCA19 Welcome
Friday March 1, 2019 8:30am - 8:45am
Function Hall The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Is There A Problem Here?
Modern society runs on software. Software that is intended to make our lives easier often brings pain along with the joy. In spite of modern software development tools and techniques that make it easier than ever to build, test and deliver software: software continues to inject complexity and frustration into our lives.

Bad software is now part of the human experience. As software professionals, we can learn from this experience. Join Ben Simo for a whirlwind tour through real-world software problems. 

Learn to go beyond confirming correctness, and look for problems before they impact the most important part of every software system: the people. Learn to ask “Is there a problem here?”

avatar for Ben Simo

Ben Simo

Test Jumper, Medidata Solutions
Ben Simo, aka QualityFrog, is an amphibious time-traveling context-driven cyborg software investigator. In his nearly 30 years as a professional software tester, Ben has seen technologies and techniques come and go; while one thing remains the same: software is built by, used by... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 8:45am - 9:45am
Function Hall The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Morning break
Friday March 1, 2019 9:45am - 10:00am
Function Hall The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


From Prototype to Product: Building a VR Testing Effort
Moving from application and web-based testing to drivers and embedded software was always going to present challenges and opportunities for learning. That was one of the drivers behind my decision to take up a new role. However, arriving for my first day I was introduced to a team and a product that was completely unexpected; wireless VR.

Virtual reality is still a growing technology space and, at the time, information and testing approaches in the public space were scarce. As the first tester to join the R&D team working on a prototype adapter there was a lot of room to move when it came to implementing test practices.

In this talk, I'll take the audience on a testing journey from starting on a prototype product with no customer to having a commercially released product in the market. While testing virtual reality hardware can be different to a lot of testing that is discussed in the public domain, there are also many aspects of testing that remain true, regardless of the context. In exploring my experience of helping to grow the testing effort as the product matured I hope to highlight some of the differences as well as how past experiences can be brought to bear in a new context.

avatar for Nick Pass

Nick Pass

Starting his career in 2004 as a developer Nick has held roles across the development lifecycle, including ops, scrum master, tester, and consultant.In 2017 he moved to Cambridge, England to join the silicon chip company DisplayLink where he was the first in-team tester working on... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 10:00am - 11:00am
Room 3 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Tales of Fail - How I failed a Quality Coach role
Have you heard about testers shifting left and coaching developers to be better testers?

I tried a quality coach position at Campaign Monitor and I failed in my efforts.

Hear my lessons in building credibility, keeping track of mental health and how I answer the question, "How do I add value here?"

avatar for Samantha Connelly

Samantha Connelly

Sam Connelly could be described as a motorbike riding, robotics obsessed, beer brewing girl geek.She considers herself a Bug Hunter. Mobile explorative testing is her specialty and she is also the Leader of the Sydney Testers meetup group.She has previously hosted her own community... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 10:00am - 11:00am
Room 4 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Morning tea
Friday March 1, 2019 11:00am - 11:30am
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Test Reporting in the Hallway
The Head of Engineering stops you in a hallway. They want to know how the project you're testing is going.

In this moment, how do you communicate the value of your testing? How do you communicate your process?  

Talking about your work is a skill as important as your work itself, and in this talk we'll discuss how individual contributors and leaders can keep on top of their world of testing, and share key information and challenges with stakeholders in a way that helps everyone with what they need

avatar for Morris Nye

Morris Nye

Morris Nye is a context driven tester from New Zealand.He has worked for companies that have adopted a continuous delivery software as a service model in the exciting regulated industries of payments and enterprise billing. Working in this way is a great challenge, and Morris will... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 11:30am - 12:30pm
Room 3 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


The Automation Gum Tree
The idea of this proposal is to share our story…. and how automation has greatly influenced our development process.

From very small beginnings, we were using the appropriate test automation tools for windows applications, which suited our needs at the time.

But we were expanding into the world of automating web browser and mobile applications. Our business functions were extensive, with incredibly complex combinations of usage. Our team of testers had rich application knowledge but the product was growing, and the teams were increasingly adapting agile methodologies. The challenge was where to start.

But today we have greatly expanded in knowledge, confidence and affection for our automation testing.

We have established multiple test automation frameworks to support our growing applications. Our testers can write and maintain our tests for any given project.

I compare our experience in growing our Test Automation to the Lifecycle of a Gum Tree.

The "gum tree" phases are as follows:

  • selecting the right species (tools and prep work)
  • nurturing a young sapling (setting up and training)
  • dealing with drought (unearthing resources)
  • burning off (deleting and rebuilding )
  • living with co-inhabitants (sharing and expanding )
  • dwelling in the shade (experiences of quality protection)
  • falling limbs (dealing with flaky behaviours)
  • becoming humongous (keeping it contained and manageable)
  • the happiness of re-growth (implementing new ideas)
  • blossoms and essential Oil By-products (the benefits and the beauty)

avatar for Michelle Macdonald

Michelle Macdonald

Automation Evangelist, Pronto
Michelle is a senior automation developer in the QA Team, with a background of many years of programming experience in ERP.At work, she is known as the “automation evangelist” in the development centre. For 5 years she has established multiple test automation frameworks for various... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 11:30am - 12:30pm
Room 4 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Friday March 1, 2019 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Old Dog, New Tricks: How Traditional Testers Can Embrace Code
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or can you? With the rise of techniques like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Testing in Production and the like, the demand for traditional blackbox testers is going the way of Old Yeller. More and more employers want testers who are able to work in and with code - and this can be uncomfortable for testers whose backgrounds don’t stem from CS or programming of any sorts. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be afraid.

You won't be expected to contribute to production code, suggest an O(1) solution on a code review or pair with developers during implementation. But it’s time you start peeking into that black box and being able to talk about what you see. This talk will cover various techniques proven to help you embrace code, expand your comfort zone and get you speaking a common language with developers.

avatar for Graeme Harvey

Graeme Harvey

Development Manager, Mappedin
Test Strategist turned SDET turned Dev Manager. Sporadic tweeter, blogger and speaker on testing and development thoughts. Believer in risk-based testing strategies and pragmatic approaches to test automation.

Friday March 1, 2019 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Room 3 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


The Uncertain Future of Non-Technical Testing
The message is loud and clear: Learn to code or hit the road. Don’t hesitate; automate!

The demand for technical skills has never been higher. It seems the days of the manual tester are over. How much truth is there to this? How do we truly need to adapt for the future? Is there a future for non-technical testers? What does that look like? What does technical even mean?

In this talk, Aaron will take a critical look at what "technical" means in the context of software development, and offer his opinion on what skills will be critical for the future of tech.

avatar for Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder

Software Testing Coach & Service Lead, Assurity Consulting
Aaron Hodder is a senior test consultant and regional service lead at Assurity Consulting Ltd. His particular specialties lie in structured exploratory testing techniques such as session-based and thread-based test management, and other lean ways of performing and managing testing.As... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Room 4 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Afternoon break
Friday March 1, 2019 2:30pm - 2:45pm
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Exploratory Testing: LIVE!
Strap yourselves in and prepare to witness a live, no holds barred, ragin' cagin' exploratory testing experience.

Watch as Adam explores and investigates a mystery piece of software with only his wits, charter and some trusty heuristics to guide him. Throughout the live session, a play-by-play commentary will help you get inside the mind of a skilled exploratory tester and pick up some specific and practical tips on how to consciously interrogate a system, but also help grow your exploratory testing vocabulary so you can better communicate your techniques and your observations. 

avatar for Adam Howard

Adam Howard

Test Practice Manager, TradeMe
Adam Howard is the Test Practice Manager at Trade Me; New Zealand's largest marketplace.Passionate about evolving the way testing is perceived and performed, Adam is a regular speaker at conferences and meet-ups both in New Zealand and internationally. Adam helps to organise WeTest... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Room 3 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


The Little Agile Testing Manifesto
Agile testing is about more than how to squeeze enough testing in on the last few days of the sprint. However so many teams have adopted agile and not yet changed the way they test.

A couple of years ago we were trying to create a memorable slide with all the things we believe in around agile testing. We created the agile testing manifesto and that small slide grew and grew and is now translated into many different languages.

In this session we will look at how agile testing is different to traditional testing and introduce some simple techniques that everyone in the team can use, to change the way they think about testing.

avatar for Samantha Laing

Samantha Laing

My personal motto is ‘be brave’, and I embody this by taking on challenges one small step at a time.Most of my career has been in the IT industry, specifically Software Development. Nowadays I find myself guiding and mentoring others with a passion for agile. This year my focus... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Room 4 First floor, The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Afternoon tea
Friday March 1, 2019 3:45pm - 4:15pm
Upstairs The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Try to See It My Way: Communication, Influence and Persuasion
The conference theme – based on the song by Paul Kelly ‘From little things big things grow’ – tells the story about a struggle for equality and land rights in Australia.

How might this translate to our daily workplaces?

There are most certainly information, power and status challenges in every workplace, every day, that cause misunderstandings, disengagements, conflicts, costly reworks and …plenty of time wasting. Not to mention the frustration, annoyance and irritation that goes along with it!

‘Try to see it my way’ identifies how testers, developers – technical and engineering types – may see, think and explain things, and how some managers and administrators might be seeing, thinking and explaining things … in quite a different way!

This is not an us and them situation. It’s us. All of us.

Gain incredible insights into how we think (big picture and details), how we package up information and how we can adopt different roles – beyond our titles – to be more effective communicators, influencers and persuaders … even when we feel like tearing our hair out!

avatar for Lynne Cazaly

Lynne Cazaly

Lynne Cazaly is a keynote speaker, author and facilitator. She is the author of 5 books:Agile-ish: How to create a culture of agilityLeader as Facilitator: How to inspire, engage and get work doneMaking Sense: A Handbook for the Future of WorkCreate Change: How to apply innovation... Read More →

Friday March 1, 2019 4:15pm - 5:15pm
Function Hall The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Closing remarks
Friday March 1, 2019 5:15pm - 5:30pm
Function Hall The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Cocktail Reception
Join us for drinks and canapes to wind down after a hard day of conferring!

Friday March 1, 2019 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Function Hall The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne